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Hello, my name is John Etchberger. My family and I lived and worked in Mexico for over twelve years. During that time, we fell in love with the marvelous works of art and pottery created by local artisans and have seen how they always impressed the many visitors and newcomers to the country.

Through Mexican Connexion, we are proud to offer a fine selection of quality Talavera products created by a group of skilled local artisans and offer them at the best prices available on the Internet!

The city of Puebla is the home of "authentic" Talavera. It was here that the first potters guilds were formed that created standards and regulations for the production of Talavera designed to maintain it's uniform quality, distinctive style and excellence.

At Mexican Connexion, we are pleased to feature the finest Talavera products from the oldest and best known "fabrica" in Puebla - Uriarte Talavera, which was founded by Sr. Don Dimas Uriarte in 1824. Their products are without a doubt the finest offered in Mexico.

In addition, we offer fine quality products from one of the newest "fabricas" in Puebla - Armando Talavera. They offer fine quality pieces made in the classic style of the very best fabricas in Puebla, as well as offering modern style Talavera made in many regions of the country.

Indeed, today many fine fabricas exist in other areas such as Dolores Hidalgo that produce fine quality products. At Mexican Connexion we are pleased to offer quality Talavera from our own fabrica, GEM Villaseca, as a part of our product catalog.

We offer a variety of the finest quality Talavera pottery available from these various fabricas. However, it is impossible to offer anything more than just a sample of the wonderful styles and designs available. Thus, if you are unable to locate something you desire, we would be happy to go find exactly what you are looking for in the way of quality imports and ship them directly to you!

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